Saturday, November 15, 2014

Polarstürme 1934

Polarstürme 1934 - Director:  Johannes Häussler
Illustrierter Film-Kurier: Nr.2142
Luis Trenker, Max Holsboer, Eva von Berne, Nico Turoff, Aribert Mog, Josef Rovenský, Carl Walther Meyer, Paul Rehkopf, Ernst Senesch, Lars Hansen

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Arsène Lupin contre Arsène Lupin 1962

Arsène Lupin contre Arsène Lupin 1962 - Director: Édouard Molinaro
Auch Stehlen will gelernt sein - llustrierte Film-Bühne: Nr.6525
Jean-Claude Brialy, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Françoise Dorléac, Geneviève Grad, Jean Le Poulain, Michel Vitold, Anne Vernon

Generals, ministers and academics are brought together to attend the funeral of the industrialist André Laroche. The chief of police is shocked when he learns that Laroche was none other than the famous thief Arsène Lupin. François de Vierne is equally surprised when discovers that Lupin was his real father and has left him an usual legacy in his will - the burglary of the crown jewels of small country named Poldavie. When François starts on the job he discovers that another thief was there before him and has left a card signed Arsène Lupin... 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Des femmes disparaissent 1959

Des femmes disparaissent 1959 - Director: Edouard Molinaro
Robert Hossein, Magali Noël, Estella Blain, Philippe Clay, Jane Marken, Robert Lombard, François Darbon, Pierre Collet

In Marseilles, the notorious gang leader Quaglio runs a prostitution ring. His plan involves luring young woman to his mansion on the outskirts of the town, before drugging them and smuggling them out of the country to be sold as prostitutes. A young car mechanic, Pierre, discovers that his fiancée Béatrice is attending one of Quaglio's soirées and attempts to rescue her. But Quaglio's trigger-happy henchmen prove to be far tougher than he had thought…

Friday, October 24, 2014

La Lumière d’en face 1955

La Lumière d’en face 1955 - Director: Georges Lacombe
Gier nach Liebe - llustrierte Film-Bühne: Nr.3309
Raymond Pellegrin, Brigitte Bardot, Roger Pigaut, Claude Romain, Jean Debucourt, Antonin Berval

Georges Moreau, a truck driver, is involved in a serious accident. Traumatised by his experiences, he knows that he must avoid strong emotions and any kind of stress. Recently married to Olivia, he hopes to start a new life by opening a restaurant on the National 7 highway, although he is none too pleased when the truckers start flirting with his all-too-pretty wife. Opposite the restaurant there is a petrol station owned by a man named Pieri, whom Georges begins to suspect of having an affair with his wife. Doubtful of his wife’s fidelity, Georges realises that he is heading for a nervous breakdown. A dramatic outcome is not far away...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kagi 1959

Kagi 1959 - Director: Kon Ichikawa
Kagi - Illustrierte Film-Bühne: Nr.6396
Machiko Kyô, Ganjirô Nakamura, Junko Kanô, Tatsuya Nakadai, Saburô Date, Jun Hamamura, Tanie Kitabayashi

A middle-aged husband of a younger woman finds her youth intimidating to the point that he cannot become aroused. His solution involves the introduction of his daughter's lover to his wife.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Budanggeorae 2010

Budanggeorae 2010 - Director:  Ryoo Seung-wan
Hwang Jung-Min, Ryoo Seung-Bum, Yu Hae-Jin, Ma Dong-Seok, Cheon Ho-Jin, Lee Sung-Min, Jeong Man-Sik, Woo Jung-Kook

In 2010, South Koreans are terrified by a series of murders targeting children. The police fail repeatedly to capture the killer. Finally, the Korean President becomes directly involved in the case. The cops, feeling pressure from all sides, pursue a possible suspect, but the suspect is shot to death by the cops. To avoid another dead end and any further heat, the National Police Agency wants to target another person, any plausible person, and close the case as soon as possible.
Police officer Choi Cheol-Gi (Hwang Jung-Min) is then chosen to do the dirty work. Police officer Choi Cheol-Gi is well respected by his peers and has an impressive resume of arrests, but due to the fact that Choi Chil-Gi did not graduate from the police academy he is always passed over for promotions. This time around, the police brass guarantees a promotion if he is able to close the case.
Choi Cheol-Gi then enlists the help of gangster Jang Suk-Gu (Yu Hae-Jin) to frame a possible suspect as the serial killer.
Meanwhile, prosecutor Joo-Yang (Ryoo Seung-Bum) is assigned to the arrest of the serial killer. He has also take on sponsorship by a powerful real estate businessman. When police officer Choi Cheol-Gi attempts to arrest Joo-Yang's sponsor, prosecutor Joo-Yang looks into Choi Cheol-Gi background to exact revenge. He hits paydirt when he comes across a deal between Choi Cheol-Gi and gangster Jang Suk-Gu.
During this time, the man imprisoned as the serial killer dies in an apparent suicide

Kiss the Blood off My Hands 1948

Kiss the Blood off My Hands 1948 - Director: Norman Foster
Bis zur letzten Stunde - Illustrierte Film-Bühne: Nr.2174
Joan Fontaine, Burt Lancaster, Robert Newton, Lewis L. Russell, Aminta Dyne, Grizelda Harvey, Jay Novello, Colin Keith-Johnston, Reginald Sheffield, Campbell Copelin, Leyland Hodgson, Peter Forbes 

Bill Saunders, disturbed ex-soldier, kills a man in a postwar London pub brawl. Fleeing, he hides out in the apartment of lonely nurse Jane Wharton. Later, despite misgivings about his violent nature, Jane becomes involved with Bill, who resolves to reform. She gets him a job driving a medical supplies truck. But racketeer Harry Carter, who witnessed the killing, wants to use Bill's talents for crime.